Our Story

Ty and Lindsey Higgins, owners of Red Hill Fiber Mill, left the fast paced city life to put down roots in a rural community where they could begin raising their young family in a more sustainable lifestyle. The new Homesteaders took the first several years after the transition to learn about their 16 acre farm by growing a large fruit and vegetable garden  and raising chickens and ducks.  Their next venture was an introduction into the alpaca community by procuring their own herd, where they were introduced to a new welcoming community who shared their passion for the animals. Realizing the demand for high-quality alpaca fiber, Ty and Lindsey decided to upscale their hobby farm and launch their dream of opening their own fiber mill.

Turning Dreams into Reality

Lindsey has worked in the office administration industry for the past 15 years. While she has a  love for spreadsheets and numbers, her true passion lies in the fiber arts.  A true maker at heart, she has enjoyed the art of knitting and crocheting for over half of her life, and once the idea of growing and processing her own fiber took root, there was no looking back!
Ty served our country in the United States Navy for 10 years, acting as a small boat mechanic and auxiliary engineer.  After entering the private sector, he worked in various industrial manufacturing facilities as a mechanical engineer.  This experience honed his ability to problem solve and quickly implement process improvement strategies, thereby improving overall efficiency.
With their combined natural talents in all aspects of business and mechanical operations management and a love for the fiber industry, the idea of opening their own fiber mill was born!  Together, with their two young sons, they have realized their dream of operating a small fiber farm and fiber mill. The adventure begins!