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We decided to open a fiber mill following the frustrations of long wait times, large order minimums, and the constant recommendation of blending alpaca with wool. While we do love blends and see the benefits of choosing them… we are alpaca farmers first. This means we wanted 100% alpaca yarns. This love of alpaca set us on the pathway to much success through an amazing mill mentor and our continued alpaca mentor relationship.

Through these relationships, we have obtained a thorough understanding of the different qualities of alpaca fiber, and how those qualities affect the processing. Our ultimate goal is to provide you with the end product you want, and not what is easiest for us!

Alpaca (Huacaya), Llama, Wool, Mohair

*We are not longer accepting Suri Alpaca

Not always. The individual characteristics of the fleece will determine if it is required.

We often have several breeds/colors of wool on hand, nylon, and bamboo. If we don’t have something on hand, we can source the blending fiber for you.

Absolutely! We have worked with wool, mohair, sari silk, and hemp that a customer has provided.

Turn-around time is always evolving; it is best to contact us to see where we are at.

Simplified Billing:
$24/lb; includes skirt, tumble, wash (as many times is necessary), and carding to cloud/roving/batt.
$28/lb; includes pin drafting (as many times necessary), spinning, plying, hanked or coned.

*All fees based on incoming weight*

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