Weaving Sustainable Threads in French Lick

In the heart of Crawford County, amidst the rolling hills and verdant landscapes, Red Hill Fiber & Co has been a beacon of craftsmanship and sustainability. For years, this haven for natural fibers and local artisans has cultivated a community passionate about ethical fashion and supporting local farmers. Now, as the winds of change sweep through the countryside, Red Hill Fiber & Co embarks on an exciting new chapter, relocating to the charming town of French Lick.

Formerly nestled in the scenic beauty of Crawford County, Red Hill Fiber & Co has been a cornerstone of the community, advocating for sustainable practices in the fashion industry. Their commitment to sourcing natural fibers directly from local farmers and artisans has not only promoted ethical production but has also fostered a deeper connection between consumers and the origins of their clothing, craft yarns and household goods. 

The decision to move to French Lick comes as a natural progression for Red Hill Fiber & Co, as they seek to expand their reach and continue their mission of promoting sustainable fashion. The former Fox Hollow Gallery location, steeped in history and character, provides the perfect backdrop for their artisanal creations. Surrounded by the lush landscapes and vibrant culture of French Lick, Red Hill Fiber & Co is poised to thrive in their new home.

At the heart of Red Hill Fiber & Co's ethos lies a deep appreciation for natural fibers and the hands that craft them. By supporting local fiber farmers, they not only ensure the quality and integrity of their products but also contribute to the sustainability of rural communities. From the soft embrace of alpaca wool to the rustic charm of mill-spun yarns, every piece at Red Hill Fiber & Co tells a story of craftsmanship and sustainability.

French Lick, with its rich history and thriving artisan scene, provides the perfect canvas for Red Hill Fiber & Co to continue their journey. The town's commitment to supporting local businesses and preserving its heritage aligns seamlessly with the values of Red Hill Fiber & Co. Together, they aim to weave a tapestry of sustainability and creativity, enriching the fabric of the community.

As Red Hill Fiber & Co prepares to open its doors in French Lick, anticipation buzzes through the air. With each skein of yarn and every handcrafted garment, they invite customers to join them on a journey towards a more sustainable future. Their move signifies not just a change of location, but a reaffirmation of their commitment to ethical fashion and supporting local communities.

So, as the sun sets over the hills of Crawford County and rises anew in French Lick, Red Hill Fiber & Co stands ready to embark on a new chapter, weaving threads of sustainability and creativity into the fabric of their new home. Join them on this journey, and together, let us support local farmers, cherish natural fibers, and embrace a more sustainable vision of fashion.
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